The renovation thus far, in numbers

Years lived in home: 1

Total money spent on home improvements: $10K

Funds left in renovation loan: $1,200

Funds needed to complete all proposed improvements: $40K

Times Katherine has broken down in tears due to being overwhelmed by demo: 5

Swear words uttered by Jeremy during projects: 178,299

Rooms affected by renovation projects: 7

Rooms completed: 0

Boxes of slate tile installed: 5.5 (out of 36 purchased)

Average trips to Home Depot per week: 3.5

Returns to Home Depot: 7, including 1 bathtub (post coming later)

Dumpsters rented: 2 (1 10 cubic yard, 1 15 cubic yard)

Animals present in home: 1 cat (permanently) 3 dogs (guests), 1 mouse (ousted)

Animals present on property: numerous birds, cats, oppossums, racoons, groundhogs, moles, squirrels (Uh, yeah, we do live in the city. Go figure.)

Unnecessary gas lines removed, in ft: 60

New plumbing fixures installed: 8

New outlets/lights installed: 20+

Glasses of wine consumed: too numerous to count

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Landscaping Before and After

One of the first, and easiest, improvements we’ve made on the house has been removing the random bushes and sloppy landscaping around the property. As a child and young adult, I hated being outside and getting dirty; today, it is the most satisfying work I’ve done on the house. I love working in the yard.

Katherine getting her hands dirty

While the longest project in the yard included hauling off the old mulch (and rock or wood borders) from the 12 beds in the yard, the most curb-worthy were removing the overgrown shrubs from the front porch…


The bushes that tried to eat the porch


The bushes have been conquered

…and the poorly-placed shrubs next to the driveway that made it impossible to see if anyone was walking/biking/jogging past on the sidewalk as we backed out of the driveway:


Poorly placed, and ugly, too


This dirt will oneday be full of beautiful blooms

I just can’t wait for the spring when we can start growing the English garden we are planning for these spaces.

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