Kitchen + Closet = Half Bath + Butler’s Pantry

The first major remodel includes turning a space that was the original kitchen (cabinets and sink were here, oddly the fridge and stove were in an adjoining room) into a much-needed half bath and a butler’s pantry. See original confiuration here: 

Original Kitchen

Obviously, modern standards dictate a bit larger, more functional kitchen. As for the closet, it was a long, awkward storage space that opened into the dining room. Hence, it is better served as a portion of the new half bath. Note: there is only one full bath in the house now, on the second floor, so this first floor half bath is a much needed addition. 

Before demo, here was the view into this space, looking at the wall that divided the original kitchen and the closet: 

Before - original kitchen









Sexy, eh? Above the wood paneling was a dropped ceiling that had a hideous florescent light in it. Behind that was the original wainscoting for the room. After all of that was removed, the lovely plaster beneath: 

plaster under paneling







And under the window: 

under the paneling around the window








It took all of a weekend to strip this room of faux wood paneling, plaster and lathe strips, as well as the interior of the closet as well. The result?

naked space










So, the only thing left is to remove those studs, right? Heh. Not quite. It seems that this itty bitty wall was an itty bitty support wall. Next project: building a header wall against the outside closet wall for added support. That post is next, but in the meantime, here’s what the final configuration will look like: 

Post-remodel plan

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First Surprise, First Success

As every homeowner I know rammed down my throat in the weeks before we closed on the house, expect the unexpected. Surprises pop up when you least expect it, especially in old homes.

 Well, duh.

What I didn’t expect, however, was a big, dangerous, expensive surprise to pop up within the first 24 hours of homeownership.  When I called in our first gas reading, I mentioned that I smelled a very faint gas odor that morning – nothing I was worried about, just thought I’d mention it. Thankfully, Jeremy had taken the day off of work and would be home all day to let the gas company in.

Which he did, right before they shut off the gas to the house. Their equipment showed so many leaks in the gas lines that Jeremy said the machine was shrieking almost constantly.

Three days later, I had the day off and spent 3 hours with the world’s nicest plumber. He and his assistant removed 60 feet of unnecessary and dangerous gas line from our basement, and upgraded the remaining pipe. A very expensive, but very necessary endeavor. We now have a safe environment in which to live, and will probably save a ton of money in utility costs.

Oh, and we had our first major success this week, too. For under $10 and in under an hour, Jeremy and I fixed the leaky toilet. (Jeremy did most of the work, I basically stood there in awe of the 100-year-old plumbing in the bathroom floor.)


It was hysterical when he finished- we were both so afraid to flush it to see if the fix had worked that we had a “you do it,” “no, you do it” session for about 5 minutes.

And by Jove, there were no leaks when I hit the lever.  Watch our egos begin to inflate… we can do ANYTHING! Mwah-ah-ah.

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