The renovation thus far, in numbers

Years lived in home: 1

Total money spent on home improvements: $10K

Funds left in renovation loan: $1,200

Funds needed to complete all proposed improvements: $40K

Times Katherine has broken down in tears due to being overwhelmed by demo: 5

Swear words uttered by Jeremy during projects: 178,299

Rooms affected by renovation projects: 7

Rooms completed: 0

Boxes of slate tile installed: 5.5 (out of 36 purchased)

Average trips to Home Depot per week: 3.5

Returns to Home Depot: 7, including 1 bathtub (post coming later)

Dumpsters rented: 2 (1 10 cubic yard, 1 15 cubic yard)

Animals present in home: 1 cat (permanently) 3 dogs (guests), 1 mouse (ousted)

Animals present on property: numerous birds, cats, oppossums, racoons, groundhogs, moles, squirrels (Uh, yeah, we do live in the city. Go figure.)

Unnecessary gas lines removed, in ft: 60

New plumbing fixures installed: 8

New outlets/lights installed: 20+

Glasses of wine consumed: too numerous to count

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What we did on our winter vacation

We took December through March off from any major projects on the house. Between our jobs, the cold and the incessant snow shoveling (Mother Nature kicked our butts January through March), we had enough to keep us busy.

Not that we didn’t have anything to do, however.

this show is as addictive as crack

Jeremy bought me “The Chosen Collection,” all seven seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, for Christmas. I say that he bought it for me, but in actuality, we tore through this box set together in 67 days. There are 144 episodes in the set, so for those without a calculator, we averaged a little over two episodes a day. 

Jeremy also spent a healthy amount of time working towards, and ultimately becoming, the 2008 Heisman Tropy-winning quarterback from Ohio State. (This occurred while playing NCAA 2008 on his beloved Playstation 3.) Here’s the screen shot of the proof: 

Check out the caption below the picture of virtual Jeremy.

I joke that part of the fantasy of playing virtual football for him is that in this game, Jeremy actually has a butt. 

There were also three great Christmas gifts that were stellar acquisitions for the house. In true form, Jeremy’s were functional: 

The miter saw he would marry if it were legal.

(I have to admit, I’m a little infatuated with this miter saw myself.)


4 tons of much-needed support

This is the 4-ton jack we are using to raise and level the floor joists in the basement. 

My Christmas addition to the house was a beautiful pair of genuine Tiffany lamps I scored with the help of a gift card from my Godfather (thanks, Mike!) These will be the vanity lamps in the eventual French boudoir-inspired spare bedroom:

A little pretty amidst the mess

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My Planner, My Love

 The Binder to end all Binders

This is The Binder.

The Binder has professionally labeled tabs, spreadsheets with comprehensive lists and cost formulas, and more thought put into its creation than the entire US occupation of Iraq. The Binder is our plan for renovation success. I had nothing to do with the creation of The Binder.

The Hand that created The Binder

This is the hand of the CFO and Senior Project Manager for the renovation, and creator of The Binder. Here, he is researching more specs to add to The Binder. This, my friends, is the hand (one, of a set of two) of greatness.

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